Sex(Ed): teaching sex education during a pandemic

Meet Sex(Ed), the umbrella of our online sexuality education programming for teens. We offer monthly community discussions, peer educator training and leadership opportunities, workshops, resources, and more!

All Sex(Ed) programming is completely free of cost to youth.

Students taught by peers outperform 68% of students in conventional classrooms Students taught by peers outperform 68% of students in conventional classrooms

Community Discussion Space

Drop by our Zoom meetings every second Saturday and every last Wednesday of the month at 2-3pm to spend time chatting with your peers about various sexuality topics. We hope these discussions can provide a space to not only learn but also build community with other young people during the times of COVID.

Invite a friend, cozy up with your computer and a snack, and let us know how your quarantine has been going.

Respect(Ed) Leadership Institute

Are you passionate about consent and sex education? Do you want to become a Respect(Ed) peer educator? This January through June, Respect(Ed) is offering a leadership program under the Sex(Ed) umbrella for youth who are interested in getting more involved in their own sexuality education.

As a participant in the Respect(Ed) Leadership Institute this term, you’ll have the opportunity to dive deeper into the sexuality topics that interest you most, receive training in peer education and advocacy, and work closely with peer educators and program directors to plan workshops and educational events.

Leadership youth should be able to commit to attending monthly online discussion groups and workshops, as well as several other virtual meetings and trainings between now and June.

Youth who complete the program will come away with an in-depth understanding of sexuality and consent topics, the skills to educate their peers, and the capacity to advocate for their right to a comprehensive and inclusive sexual health education.


At Sex(Ed) workshops, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about specific sexuality topics you’re curious about. Organized and presented by peer educators, program directors, and youth leadership, workshops will be webinar-style, with plenty of opportunity for questions and discussion.

Topics could include mandatory reporting, bystander intervention, restorative justice, Title IX rights, and more!

Have an idea for a workshop? Let us know what you’d like to learn about:

The Sex(Ed) Guide Book

This comprehensive resource covers everything sexuality-related, from birth control to consent to gender identity! The guide is organized by theme, and includes links to outside resources and relevant media.

The guide is free to download for all youth.